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Mendo Pipe


Introducing the MENDO PIPE!!  

Phil Jergenson , who designed and produced the world famous Proto Pipe in the 1960’s, 70’s and 80’s, sold the company but never stopped improving his original pipe design.  His new patented MENDO PIPE™ not only eliminates the troublesome trap of the Proto Pipe with the Tarborator Flip™ but adds the Bowl Top Clip™.  This patented Bowl Top Clip™ allows for clean, fun sharing of hand rolled items.

In the majestic hills of Mendocino County California, MENDO PIPES are hand made, in an off grid, solar powered environment.  The MENDO PIPE™ has a sweeping circular design, trap free for easy clean, and the Bowl Top Clip™.   With no more trap to get stuck and the easy open bottom, cleaning is a breeze.

If you liked your Proto Pipe you will love your new MENDO PIPE™.

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